We are often asked "Can we hire our own subcontractors?" Following are some very good reasons why Jeff Hicks Construction and not the homeowner should hire the subcontractors needed for your construction project.

1) Having Control over the Entire Project will Save Money If subcontractors are not working directly for the General Contractor confusion can arise between the owner's subcontractor and JHC as to who is responsible for what work. A lack of timely coordination in scheduling the many tasks of a construction project can cause overlap and oversight, causing delays and unnecessary expense to the owner.

2) Costs Can Escalate When the General Contractor hires a subcontractor, all the time to coordinate with the subcontractor is figured into the original bid. If the Owner hires the subcontractor, the General Contractor will bill for the time spent coordinating, scheduling and answering questions for the subcontractors. The owner has little or no control over how much time the subcontractors will spend with the General Contractor who is billing for all such conferences.

3) As the General Contractor we are responsible for Uniform Building Code compliance on the entire job. Please read page 20 of the State of California publication entitled "What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor" provided to you. Be familiar with the liabilities you have when acting as your own General Contractor.

4) Professionalism Standards Jeff Hicks Construction requires that its employees and subcontractors act in a professional and courteous manner. It is understood that we pride ourselves on being polite, taking care of customer's property, working in a safe manner, being punctual and always neat in appearance. We require the same standards from our subcontractors.

5) Eliminate Liability Confusion Jeff Hicks Construction as the General Contractor is held responsible for faulty work, deficiencies or malfunctions after the job is completed. It is also our responsibility to provide insurance for ourselves and to check that our subcontractors have a certificate of insurance before hiring them. We protect you from the possibility of being held responsible for the work of anyone we hired on the project.

6) Safety on the Job The General Contractor is required by law to maintain a safe working environment and to protect the welfare of workers and the general public alike. The General Contractor must make sure that all people working on the job are involved in a written and maintained safety program including regular safety meetings according to California State Regulation SB 198. Jeff Hicks Construction strictly adheres to these guidelines and has enjoyed unprecedented success in eliminating work related injuries.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of the potential problems that can arise when the General Contractor does not hire the subcontractors for your project. We do, however, encourage you to express any preferences you may have in subcontractor choices. We will make every effort to have them bid on your project.

It is our intention to satisfy your needs, provide the highest quality craftsmanship and save you time & money. Giving us control over the subcontractors on your project will allow us to do this for you.

Satisfied customers have provided us with referrals almost every day we have been in business. We encourage you to call any of those listed on our "References" page. We look forward to working with you.

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