Bid Contract


This letter is intended to set up an agreement between Jeff Hicks Construction and the owner/agent requesting a construction project bid. It is our policy to provide detailed estimates without charge. However, these estimates do cost us a considerable amount of time & money to prepare. We understand that many owners wish to receive several construction bids before making a decision. In fact, in many instances, we recommend it.

In exchange for providing you with our extensive & complete bid for your construction needs we require the following considerations:

1) We need to know if anyone else will be bidding on your project and who they are. This is important to us, not because it will change our bid price but, because there may be "unlicensed" or "limited service contractors" with whom we cannot compete on a "price only" basis, given our complete service policy. In such cases, we must be assured you understand the differences in our work.

2) We need to be assured that all the bidding contractors are receiving the very same information to compile our bids. The best way is to enlist the services of an architect. They are trained to standardize the bid documents (drawings, specifications and related documents) and aid you in formalizing your visions to paper. Their assistance will provide clarity to the project itself, the bid process, and save time as well as money during the construction phase. Plans help to avoid many unnecessary and expensive "Change Orders." (Please read "Proper Plans Avoid Contractor Problems", Phoenix Journal by David Gardner.)

3) We can provide an accurate bid ONLY if we are given complete access to the jobsite. Usually our subcontractors will need to visit as well in order to review their portion of the construction with us. Therefore, you should expect a number of visits in order for us to gather all the pertinent information to compete your bid.

4) You will share with us the other bids if we are not awarded your contract. We will have invested considerable time and money in providing you with our bid and can only hope to learn something of equal value in the process. Understanding why you did not choose our firm through conversation and bid evidence helps us to constantly improve our customer service. We assure you the other bidders will agree and will most likely want to see our bid when you have chosen Jeff Hicks Construction for your next project.

Thank you for selecting Jeff Hicks Construction to bid on your project. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above outlined considerations please call me at your earliest convenience. My entire crew and I look forward to providing you with the highest quality construction and service available.


Jeff Hicks, Owner

I understand and will comply with the above outlined considerations on my project at ___________________________________ . Please begin immediately to prepare my bid.

Owner or Agent



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